I first read the terms "wars of preparation" and "wars of destruction" in
Duane S. Crowther's _Prophecy, Key to the Future_.   Yes, I know much of
what he writes is controversial, but at least in this one matter, I agree
with him.

There are wars that have opened the door for better things. The American
Revolution opened the door to the restoration and democracy in the world.
The revolutions in Eastern Europe and Russia have allowed the entering of
the Gospel in the last decade or so. 

Heathen places like India have received the gospel, because it was
brought in by military saints.

We won't go directly from one type of war to the other. Rather, we'll
start seeing a mixture of them. Wars with no redeeming value whatsoever
will become more and more common as we get to the last.

K'aya K'ama,
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