Gorbachev makes a living giving speeches, mostly in North America and Europe. (He
was in Calgary last year, as a matter of fact).

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After careful consideration, Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> >The *only* incident of violence I can think of that accompanied the fall
> >of the
> >Wall was the throwing out of and the subsequent brutal execution of the
> >Ceausecu's in Romania.
> This is why I don't really believe that communism "fell" in Russia.  Evil
> men don't give up power without shedding copious amounts of blood.  I
> personally believe that these evil Gadiantons in Russia have just put on a
> disguise and are now calling themselves something else.  Wasn't Putin a
> former big shot in the KGB or somesuch?  Well, the KGB was a Mafia like
> organization.  You don't leave that kind of organization except in a
> box.  Putin is still very much alive, hence he is still involved with
> whatever organization he was then.  They are just masquerading as freedom
> loving democrats (lower case "d").
> It is all deception.  The devil is the Master of Deceit.  And he has
> greater power over men during these last few hours of the telestial earth
> than at any previous time in the history of the world except immediately
> preceding the Great Flood.
> Trivia time:  Whatever became of Gorbachev?  And what is he doing now?
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