By that time, Kruschev had changed his name to Khrushchev ;-) and Khrushchev was
party chairman. This was after Stalin's death. Incidentally, while he grew up in
the eastern, more russianized half of Ukraine, he was actually born in Kursk,
Russia. I believe the meeting where ETB first met him was during Eisenhower's
trip to Moscow in 1945.

Kursk (after whom the submarine was named) is the Oblastgorod (provincial
capital) of the province by the same name, which lies on the Russian side of the
border with Ukraine, and the city lies on the main highway south from Moscow to
Kharkov (Ukraine), and eventually, to the Crimea.

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 12:05 PM 10/16/2002, you wrote:
> > >Now Stalin didn't do this personally.  He delegated it to another man, a
> >
> > >Ukrainian named Nikita Kruschev.  And ever since, Kruschev has been
> >called
> > >"the butcher of the Ukraine."  This is the man that President Eisenhower
> >
> > >honored by inviting him to visit the United States and receive all the
> > >hospitality of the White House.  This is the man that Ezra Taft Benson
> > >shook hands with.
> >
> >
> >Well, this is a dreadful story indeed. How awful! And, on another note, I
> >certainly won't be telling any of my non-Mormon friends about this. I'm
> >very disappointed. I will NOT follow the example of the apostle in this
> >regard. :-(
> >
> >Paul O
> Choose who you will to follow, but it was President David O. McKay who
> advised Elder Benson to go ahead and meet with Kruschev.
> --
> Steven Montgomery
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