I wrote:
> I am only 44 and will have a grandchild early next year. Sadly, the
> mother, my oldest daughter, is just 18 and is not married. More sadly,
> she has become angry at me for reasons I do not understand and actually
> told me that she doesn't want anything to do with me, nor does she want
> me to have anything to do with my grandchild when it is born. (All this
> while calling me to ask me to do something for her!)

I should have noted that the "more sadly" part was personal. It is
actually a much greater saddness that she will have a child out of
wedlock, something with much greater implications in both this life and
the next than her feelings about me. Saddest of all, perhaps is the fact
that she has totally rejected the church and Christianity in general and
adopted some sort of secular psudo-wiccan philosophy. I have, in the
past, spoken with her at length and testified strongly of my knowledge of
the truthfulness of the Church so I know that she know my feelings on the

I expect that after her child is born in March she will grow up rapidly.
Her cousin (my sister's daugther mentioned in the previous post) did so
much to her mother's surprise (though she did marry before the birth of
the child, thankfully) and my sister has a good relationship with her
daughter even though it was similar to my relationship with my daughter
before the child was born. I can only hope for the same thing in my case.

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