On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 13:28:47 -0500, "Paul Osborne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Why would it be illegal for Clinton to have an affair in his office? For
> all we know his wife was there too! 

First off, it is against the laws of God and the laws (sadly unenforced)
of many states to commit adultery. If the president commits and illegal
act, it is the business of the people of this nation.

Second, just as I would be promptly fired from my job for having
adulterous sex in my office, so the Office of the President of the United
States is our's, not his, and should be treated with appropriate respect.
He should have been fired for that, which, in his job, would have been
impeachment. Simple.

Now, as to his wife. If I have sex with my wife in my office, I am still
pretty sure I would get fired. That alone should tell you that sexual
conduct is grossly inaporporiate in the workplace, and that ANY workplace
should be kept free of such things. As a representative of the people,
the President is responsible to demonstrate the BEST of the nation, not
the worst. If he had had sex with his wife in his office, he would still
have disgraced the nation and should have left office as a result.

Is this clear enough of a description of my feelings. I fear it is far
too graphic for the comfort of many on the list.


Lots of people do these things in odd
> places. Since when is having an affair illegal or since when is doing
> something sexual in the privacy of your office--behind closed doors,
> illegal? So what! It's his business. Lots of people do that kind of
> stuff. I don't understand why people are so interested in Clinton's
> sexual personal appetites and then go and read about it on the web. That
> is so sick. We should all stay out of his business. It's not for us to
> know. And, if you have a problem with it then I suggest you take it up
> with the Senate which has already made the ultimate legal ruling on the
> matter. Sorry, but your wrong.  :-)
> Paul O
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