>I most streniously disagree with that. What he does in his bedroom (or
>any other private place) is not our business SO LONG AS IT IS NOT
>ILLEGAL. What he does in his office chair, office, or any other
>government location most definately IS our business. If he engaged in
>illegal sexual acts then it is our business. If he lied to congress
>concerning a valid investigation, then it was not only our business, but
>it became our responsibility to impeach him for it.

Why would it be illegal for Clinton to have an affair in his office? For
all we know his wife was there too! Lots of people do these things in odd
places. Since when is having an affair illegal or since when is doing
something sexual in the privacy of your office--behind closed doors,
illegal? So what! It's his business. Lots of people do that kind of
stuff. I don't understand why people are so interested in Clinton's
sexual personal appetites and then go and read about it on the web. That
is so sick. We should all stay out of his business. It's not for us to
know. And, if you have a problem with it then I suggest you take it up
with the Senate which has already made the ultimate legal ruling on the
matter. Sorry, but your wrong.  :-)

Most of businesses in this country have policies against employees engaging
in sexual activity on company property, including the government, Paul.
Those policies are in place not because the companies want to control your
life, but because those activities can have a very negative affect on the
productivity and image of the company.
But that's not the real issue; the issue is that he stood before the camera
and lied to us, then stood before a grand jury and lied to them about that
affair. That's why he was impeached.

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