I was referring to Stake President and up. They have money and prestige.
There are plenty of talented yet poor High Priests who never get the call
because they don't have money. Money is a prerequisite to those callings.
I hope that it doesn't sound like I am faulting the Lord. I'm simply
pointing out how the Lord does business. He depends on money and if you
don't have it you won't get those high callings of Stake President and
up. That's the bottom line. It's always about money.

Paul O

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 00:02:00 -0500 Gary Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I have to disagree with Paul on this one. I know several high priests 
> who
> barely eke out a living. I've been one for 14 years, and was only a 
> Buck
> Sergeant in the Air Force when first called. I promise you, they 
> don't
> get the big bucks. 
> My current bishop works as the general carpenter for the YMCAs here. 
> To
> make ends meet, his wife also works (their kids are all big). And I 
> could
> give you many other examples, and not only here in Alabama, either.
> Yes, I think that the Lord has finances as a consideration for who 
> he
> calls to certain callings. Moreso, I think the Lord considers a 
> person's
> talents and capabilities for a certain calling, especially in a
> presidency. Just as the Lord is going to call a healthy brother to 
> be
> bishop, over one that is homebound; The brother who has developed 
> many
> talents is of much more use to the Lord in the work than one who has 
> not
> developed his talents. Such a brother is likely to have become 
> successful
> in business also.
> Next, the Lord uses people who work hard. Imagine a bishop who only 
> gives
> a couple hours a week to the calling. The ward would fall apart! The 
> Lord
> looks for hard workers, dependable people who he knows will 
> sacrifice the
> television programs and leisure time, in order to serve faithfully. 
> This
> type of person also happens to be the type who tends to succeed in
> business.
> Don't condemn the brethren simply because it seems the Lord (or the
> people) picks a lot of wealthy people. He does it because they ALSO 
> have
> shown other great gifts of service, wisdom, and faithfulness.

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