On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 18:54:03 -0600 "Marc A. Schindler"
> Okay, this is all very interesting and very useful (and I mean that 
> sincerely),
> so let me ask another question: what about those of us who are 
> unlikely, for one
> reason or another (assuming, of course, that we're reasonably 
> righteous,
> temple-recommend-holding active members) are highly unlikely to hold 
> a position
> of line authority. Why are people like that ordained to High 
> Priests.
> I know there's an implicit assumption here, so I'll make it 
> explicit: I'm
> assuming that there are people in this set (I think I'm one of 
> them). But I could
> be wrong -- it's an assumption.

$$$ High Callings $$$

It's all about money, Marc. Money attracts and inspires more money and
that is how it works. If you got money you're much more likely set
yourself up for one them high positions that come available. People who
have money are considered to be more successful then others and they are
the ones that are usually considered by those praying about a new calling
to be extended. The Lord just can't get his work done without the
Almighty Buck!  I've heard all the excuses that this isn't so but the
bottom line is always the dollar. Oh well, the church is still true--aah,
I think. ;-)

Paul O

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