At 08:47 AM, Wednesday, 10/23/02, Paul Osborne wrote:
I was referring to Stake President and up. They have money and prestige.
There are plenty of talented yet poor High Priests who never get the call
because they don't have money. Money is a prerequisite to those callings.
I hope that it doesn't sound like I am faulting the Lord. I'm simply
pointing out how the Lord does business. He depends on money and if you
don't have it you won't get those high callings of Stake President and
up. That's the bottom line. It's always about money.
I had a stake president in southern California who was a manager of a college bookstore. I don't think he made much more than minimum wage. The neighborhood where he lived, the clothes he wore, and the car he drove would certainly bear out that out. Yet he was an excellent stake president. While it is true that most stake presidents are wealthy by my standards, that just means they are successful in their work. Even a truck driver or mechanic can be wealthy if he is good enough. And it stands to reason that the Lord would prefer competent men as his bishops and stake presidents. That is probably why I will never have to make that sacrifice. I have no special, demonstrated competence as an administrator.

Teaching jobs are at least as important as bean counting, pencil pushing, and paper shuffling anyway. I would much rather teach Sunday School, a priesthood quorum, or seminary than serve in any administrative calling. The pay is just as good, and the work is a lot more fun.

"It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to
laugh at that man." --Jack Handy
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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