> If one defines a good Democrat as being someone who works
> within the party to bring about a better platform, select better leaders and
> elect better office holders (those that would agree with church teachings),
> then it would be possible to be a good Mormon and a good Democrat.

Thanks to everyone who posted to help me understand the byzantine system of voting in 
the US (as opposed to the byzantine system in Canada or Australia - why couldn't we 
have a nice simple system like Iraq; there's one person on one ballot once every eight 
years.  You vote yes or no. And he gets 100% turnout, too.  Now _that's_ how to run a 
voting system :-)).  Special thanks to those who explained what a "primary" is.  I was 
beginning to worry that US members elected their Primary presidents.

Bill brings up an interesting point.  Is it a good idea to work within a party in 
order to change it?  Presumably the answer is yes.  What if the party currently 
supports every charter violating thing in existence?  Just where does one draw the 

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