> In the U.S. every voter registers for a party (or as an independent -- as I recall 
>the rules vary considerably from

What?  You mean to say that you cannot vote in the US unless you register your 
"preference"?  Is that true?  And if it is, what's the point of it?  Since your vote 
is secret, why register a preference?

As to voting or supporting a party: I'm not sure that I follow what Elder Jensen was 
saying.  What's the point of voting for a party if you don't accept their policies?  
The Brethren have always told us to study the issues and then support the candidate 
that best represents our interests or who supports the issues we believe in.  If a 
candidate supports things that we are opposed to, then why would we vote for him or 
her?  Okay, granted, probably every candidate supports some things that we are opposed 
to, but if a candidate supports many things we strongly oppose, why would we vote for 
him or her?

I once worked with a lady from Malaysia.  She said that theoretically they have 
democracy there but "something always happens to the opposition".  She said that 
speaking against the government would get you into trouble.  She was bemused when I 
told her that in order to be a patriotic Canadian you _had_ to speak against the 

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