Mark Gregson wrote:

> > In the U.S. every voter registers for a party (or as an independent -- as I recall 
>the rules vary considerably from
> What?  You mean to say that you cannot vote in the US unless you register your 
>"preference"?  Is that true?  And if it is, what's the point of it?  Since your vote 
>is secret, why register a preference?

No -- as I'm sure you saw when you read the rest of my post. As to what the point is, 
that's a good question, and I will have to defer to one of our southern experts. I 
remember my first year in US school, in 9th grade in Seattle. It was an election year 
and we held a mock convention in our civics class. I hadn't a clue as to what was 
going on.

> As to voting or supporting a party: I'm not sure that I follow what Elder Jensen was 
>saying.  What's the point of voting for a party if you don't accept their policies?

He wasn't talking about voting, he was talking about becoming active in a party so as 
to act as a force for good from within the party.

> The Brethren have always told us to study the issues and then support the candidate 
>that best represents our interests or who supports the issues we believe in.  If a 
>candidate supports things that we are opposed to, then why would we vote for him or 
>her?  Okay, granted, probably every candidate supports some things that we are 
>opposed to, but if a candidate supports many things we strongly oppose, why would we 
>vote for him or her?

You shouldn't. But as above, that's not what either the 1P statement or Pres. Jensen's 
remarks were addressing.

> I once worked with a lady from Malaysia.  She said that theoretically they have 
>democracy there but "something always happens to the opposition".  She said that 
>speaking against the government would get you into trouble.  She was bemused when I 
>told her that in order to be a patriotic Canadian you _had_ to speak against the 

This is even true in Singapore, unfortunately. Of course, Canada evolved into a 
dominion, not a colony with a history of brutal repression like Malaya (the British 
forerunner to Singapore and Malaysia). Her Majesty's Leader of the Loyal Opposition 
must appear oxymoronic to many people.

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“We do not think that there is an incompatibility between words and deeds; the worst 
thing is to rush into action before the consequences have been properly debated…To 
think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was a coward; any 
idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly character; ability to 
understand a question from all sides meant that one was totally unfitted for action.” 
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