What about it? When have I ever denied Castro is a Communist? His early life is
shadowy (unlike Ché Gueverra, about whom we know a fair bit), but for the sake of
argument let's agree that he was christened a Communist while a babe in arms.
What difference does that make to the point I've been trying to make that it was
US meddling that paved the way to his rise to power? I've been to Cuba, for
crying out loud -- I know what kind of a dismal place it is.

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 06:57 PM 10/21/2002, Marc wrote:
> >But I'm not the one quoting general authorities in an attempt to back up my
> >political and historical opinions. You are. Logically speaking, you are, in
> >effect, challenging me to criticize Pres. Benson. I'm not going to fall
> >into that
> >trap. (I take it that in your response you are the "messenger" and Pres.
> >Benson
> >the "sources"?)
> >
> >
> >--
> >Marc A. Schindler
> ETB knew about Castro's communist connections because both the U.S.
> Ambassadors to Cuba and Mexico warned him about the connections.  Okay,
> forget about the Benson quote. Forget I mentioned it. Perhaps it was a
> lapse of judgement on my part.
> What about the other evidence that Castro was a communist?
> --
> Steven Montgomery
> "Nations are defined by their founders. George Washington set a standard of
> selfless public service and heroic private virtue against which American
> politicians continue to be measured - and found wanting - even today."
> --Steven W. Mosher
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