At 04:55 PM 10/21/2002, Marc wrote:
Stay tuned. It wasn't just communist regimes they helped to power. They helped
*anyone* who would protect their interests, regardless of ideology. That was my
point when I said that ideological readings of history are oversimplifications.
. . . and ascribing these actions by rich capitalists as merely serving their best interests monetarily is an oversimplification. Some people, Gadiaton types especially, are driven by the desire to get power--as well as gain.

Steven Montgomery

Those of us who take note of and criticize abuses of power by the federal
bureaucracy are often accused of being "anti-government." This is not only
untrue, it is the exact opposite of the truth. The John Birch Society and those
who share our constitutionalist point of view are emphatically pro-government
so much so, in fact, that we want to see as many governments as possible
dividing power and responsibilities, and keeping each other in check. What we
oppose is the alternative the effective abolition of local, county, and state
governments and their absorption into a monolithic federal state, which in turn
would ultimately be subsumed into a global leviathan directed by the United
Nations.--WNG The Review of the News Oct 13, 2002

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