Well well well, what a discussion about whether Castro was a communist as before the 
revolution or even earlier.  One would think this some how negates his concerns about 
the poverty of his people and the domination of his country by US corporations (read 
US interests).  Of course he wasn't alone.  His invasion of Cuba was over rated, 
mainly because of the size of his forces, miniscule would be an accurate assessment.

The criminals in charge of Havana and the corrupt politicians and dictators brought 
about the support Castro needed to be successful.  His goal was to depose these people 
and put Cuba into Cuban hands.  With a socialist model to bring about equity, which 
had been denied by the many US supported corrupt regimes.  It wasn't communism that 
turned the US against Cuba, it was his nationalisation of US owned business.  It is 
always about money, the bottom line.  US foreign policy has been corrupted by the 
Corporate Interests, the have caused their interests to be US Interests.

If Castro didn't exist, say he had been successfully assassinated, another would have 
taken his place, such was the hatred of the US in Cuba, brought about through sad 
experience.  You'd think they would have learnt from this experience, but no, even 
today US Foreign Policy is governed by overseas interests of its Corporations.

That's where I believe the Gaddianton Robbers live, in the boardrooms of the large 
corporations and the halls of the State department, driving for greater profits 
regardless of its effects on foreign nationals in their own countries.

The only way the US citizens could understand would be, to live under a foreign 
domination.  They have a great fear of that, thinking about the mini-series Amerika as 
an example.

According to US policy, Cuba is part of the US sphere of influence, and must be open 
to US investments or else!

Part of the economic troubles in Cuba  are a direct result of US embargoes on 
everything, even medical supplies.  The trade weapon is a very powerful weapon for 
beating a nation into submission without using the expensive military stick.

I have no time for Castro and Communism, but I can understand how it same about and 
the US's place in that situation.

So Marc, I support your position on this.

If being a Democrat in the US is a threat to ones worthiness, where does that put me, 
a member of the Australian Labor Party?

Clifford M DuberyGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : 

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