Stephen Beecroft:

> You're welcome.  It came from the Handbook, which I don't 
> think has changed in this regard.

I wish I could find that bishop and ask him for a clarification. 
I am sure he had (and read) the GHI, and I am also sure 
that he would never intentionally have passed along such a 
blunder. Either I misunderstood him (possible, but it seemed 
pretty clear at the time), or else he had a massive brain lapse, 
or just said one thing when he meant another.


He may have meant the ordination of bishop, or it could just 
as easily have been the brain lapse.  I've had lots of those, 
both as a bishop and in almost every other calling I've had. 

Just before I was set apart the second time to be bishop, 
the stake president got out the Handbook and looked to 
make sure he didn't need to ordain me again.  

I always preferred to look in the Handbook beforehand, so 
that I would already know the answer.  But that was just 
my particular style.  It works just as well either way.  

The problems often come when somebody doesn't look.  [smile]

Larry Jackson

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