Yes, I know that Nibley says it is a free lunch, but he also says we
still must work. What I was meaning, is that there are laws of work
governing worldly wealth. The person who works hard and smart tends to
live a more comfortable life than someone who is sloth or not so wise in
their dealings with money.
For example, all the GAs have paid their tithes, ensuring that the Lord
would open the windows of heaven up to them. Second, they have all worked
hard to live within their means, staying out of debt, ensuring their
moneys were being used in the best ways possible, rather than just to pay
down interest debt.
Third, they have been industrious enough to make for a comfortable
Fourth, they have put the kingdom of God first, and their other worldly
works second, ensuring God's assistance financially and in other matters.
So, they HAVE earned these blessings given of God. Do you think they
would have these same blessings if they weren't paying their tithes? They
wouldn't qualify to be GAs or high priests w/o paying tithes, so there is
a bit of "earning" one has to do. Perhaps the term "qualify" would better
suit you? Either way, it isn't totally a free gift, as there are some
qualifications to receive all from God.

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Not so sure I agree, Gary.  Reference Approaching Zion Chapters 4 and 
5.  Not so sure earned is the correct choice of terms here.

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