I agree with everything you are saying Gary but I'm not thinking that all
the GA's were born with silver spoons. I know they worked hard and got
educated and have fine jobs that pay quite well. That is the nature of
the man who gets the call. I am merely pointing out how the Lord does
business and was not being critical about it. Me personally, it matters
not what the profession of my bishop is. If he has the Spirit and the
mantle that is all that matters. I'm sure you agree with that. But, I can
understand how you would prefer an educated man.

Paul O  

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:43:34 -0500 Gary Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> You make it sound like these jobs were handed to them on a silver
> platter. Not so. They all started at the bottom, with no silver 
> spoon in
> the mouth. Any money the GAs have, they earned it. Any education 
> they
> received was from hard work. 
> Do you think any of them had been wishing and hoping to become an
> apostle? Definitely not. Try reading President Kimball's biography 
> on his
> reaction when called as an apostle. Ask your stake president his 
> thoughts
> on being called a stake president. I'll bet he wasn't jumping for 
> joy.
> Rather, he was humbling submitting to the calling.
> There is nothing prestigious to these callings. There is some
> recognition, but in all reality, the pay isn't that great. Most 
> would
> prefer to make it to heaven without the experience of being an 
> apostle or
> stake president, but the humble ones accept the call when given.
> These men are successful in life because they earned their success. 
> In
> earning that success, they made themselves useful to God and His 
> work. Of
> course God is probably going to call an educated man over a ditch 
> digger.
> If you had a major struggle in your life, would you prefer your 
> bishop be
> a psychiatrist or a day laborer? Educated or illiterate? 
> Financially
> comfortable or standing by the roadside with a sign "will work for 
> food"?
> God uses those who have qualified themselves for the work. Many are
> called, but few chosen. Many aren't chosen because they try and do 
> things
> their way, rather than God's way. They want to use the priesthood 
> for
> their own use, rather than make themselves a useful tool for God to 
> use.
> The Brethren had comfortable lives because they earned a 
> comfortable
> life. The prestige came only because they worked hard and earned it. 
> If
> you or I don't receive prestige, it is probably because we haven't 
> done
> ng prestigious.

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