Well put, Dan. Science has a methodology which is based upon certain assumptions.
Many scientists make the mistake of assuming that that's all there is. But many
non-scientists likewise make the mistake of pooh-poohing a scientific discovery
out of ignorance of how science works, or because on the surface it *appears* to
contradict something they (the protestors) accept on faith.

Here's an example: no one's ever seen electrons jump from one energy level to
another, but if they didn't, your CD player wouldn't work.

Dan R Allen wrote:

> John:
> It seems to me that an honest scholar would just stick to writing things he
> can authenticate using the documentary record, or at least the
> archaeological record.  In the absence of such records the author isn't
> just engaging in unfounded supposition, he is engaged in irresponsible
> guessing and wild speculation.  That is, he is just making up the
> story.  Such a book is fiction, not nonfiction.
> Dan:
> And hence the humble "SWAG" is born...
> If science limits itself to just the existing record, whether documentary
> or archaeological, and not try to extrapolate beyond that, then it really
> can't expand understanding.
> There needs to be _some_ supposition, hopefully founded on existing
> records, in all archaeological theories (or any theory for that matter),
> but it should only be there to help in defining further research. The
> problem, as I see it, is that many scientists invest so much of their egos
> in defending their more reasonable suppositions that they become 'facts',
> and 'proofs' and are then used to base more fanciful suppositions on.
> Eventually you have something that resembles complete fantasy because it's
> no longer even remotely based on the record.
> I don't think Mr. Diamond has gone that far yet, even though he is
> apparently ignoring the biblical record.
> Something else to consider on the sheep issue John is that we seem to be
> the only group that understands that Adam lived here - I think that most
> people assume that Eden was somewhere in what is now the mid-east, if they
> think about it at all.
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