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Something else to consider on the sheep issue John is that we seem to be the only group that understands that Adam lived here - I think that most people assume that Eden was somewhere in what is now the mid-east, if they think about it at all.
Yes, the sheep thing really puzzles me. As Latter-day Saints we often think of horses when answering the questions of the anti-Mormons. But what about sheep? Is there any evidence that there were any sheep in the New World before Columbus? And if the Garden of Eden was near Spring Hill, Missouri, and Abel raised sheep, how come there weren't any sheep here? I guess they all drowned in the Great Flood. Oh wait... I forgot, the flood was only over there in Mesopotamia somewhere. Here it shouldn't have had any effect on the sheep population, do you think?

I've heard some Latter-day Saints speculate that the "flocks" mentioned in the Book of Mormon had reference to turkeys rather than sheep. Because there were domesticated turkeys in the New World before Columbus, but not sheep. Is that a good supposition? Can turkeys actually be herded like sheep or cattle? Was Ammon defending a flock of turkeys when he cut all those guys arms off?

Always wondering, so many questions, so few answers,
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