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> At 12:37 PM, Saturday, 11/2/02, Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> >I don't believe it is merely a (secular) history book -- I think it's more
> >profound
> >than that. If it's truly a secular history of "God's dealings [with] man
> >since the
> >first man down to the time of Moses" why a) does it show signs of having been
> >redacted by later editors; and b) why doesn't it tell us anything about,
> >say, the
> >Chinese?
> Marc, I can't believe that you wrote this.  Think it through again.  How
> could a history be "secular" if it is a record of God's dealings with
> man?

That's exactly what I wrote: I *don't* believe the scriptures are secular

>  As for the Chinese, I think that much of the Old Testament is devoted
> to teachings that apply to all mankind.  I assume that includes the Chinese
> too.

That's your assumption, but it doesn't say anything about them in the Bible.
That's the problem with trying to deal with the Bible as a secular history -- it
doesn't fit.

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