>Maybe the scriptures really are just an ancient collection of 
>Hebrew folk talks.  Is that possible?

Well, I've put all my eggs in one basket in the which the scriptures are
true. However, it seems that symbolism plays a major part in the stories
told of the Bible which could make what we think is reality as something
totally different. I don't know John. I just try to believe. I try to
have faith but I don't have any interest in trying to be perfect in this

I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and have felt the awesome power of
the Holy Ghost tell me it's true. I believe in Joseph Smith just as much
as I believe in Christ. To me, Jesus is no more the Savior than Joseph is
a prophet and they both are equally true. Take one away and they both
collapse together. 

The scriptures on the other hand are open to continuous interpretation
because they have many abstract concepts that need further explaining.
I'll be very upset to learn that the earth was not universally flooded as
I believed or that the 6,000 year plan was not so. I don't like believing
in untruths. I want the truth and nothing but the truth. 

Paul O

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