How about just thinking of things as tools? Science isn't in opposition to
religion except in the hands of ignorant atheists, as far as I'm concerned (and
there are plenty of them, to be sure). It's just a tool, a certain disciplined
way of looking at things, that's all. The confusion arises when one way of
looking at things uses a word which has a different meaning or connotation in a
different realm (like "truth" -- there's really no such concept in science. While
a scientist will use the term, he really means "useful", "consistent/predictive",
etc., not "true" in some ultimate sense as a philosopher or religious person
would use it).

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
> > > Part of the reason I turned away from science to religion is because I
> > > despaired of learning anything with any certainty when the foremost
> > > authorities in almost every field disagree with fellow scientists about
> > > really basic things.  I have a real need for at least some questions to
> > > have conclusive answers.  Otherwise, life is just a constantly changing
> > > dream bound by no laws and consequently all over the map.  I know very
> > > little "for sure," but what little I do know I have learned from the
> > > scriptures, the modern prophets, and the testimony of the Holy Ghost.
> > >
> >
> >It's always either/or, isn't it? <sigh>
> Yes I have been accused with binary thinking.  I confess that it is
> so.  With me a thing is either true or false, good or bad, right or wrong,
> from God or from the devil, promoting freedom or promoting slavery.  I'm
> just a black and white kind of guy.  There are gray area to be sure, but
> they are gray only because of my own ignorance.  If I were smart enough to
> figure them out or had enough information to do so, I would undoubtedly
> assign them their properly black or white status.
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“The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom, not a trade; character, not
technicalities. We want a lot of engineers in the modern world, but we don’t want
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