Hebrews 11:1 -- that's where we get our faith from.

Mark Gregson wrote:

> >  - Is it more important that the walls of Jericho fell as described, or
> > that the people of the covenant were successful as long as they followed
> > Him?
> If the walls of Jericho did not fall as described in the Bible, then in what way 
>were the covenant people successful?  If the Red Sea did not part then in what way 
>can we say that God's power is great and that He led the Israelites?  In what way can 
>it be said how willing and capable God is in helping you succeed in following His 
> The events prove the principle.  If the events did not happen we are left without 
>any proof at all.  How much faith would you have in a God who said "Trust me" but who 
>never did anything that showed He was trustworthy?
> So far as I can recall off the top of my head, very, very few of the events 
>described in the scriptures were just symbolic.  They all happened.  God really did 
>create the world, create the Garden of Eden, place a truly and actually naked Adam 
>and Eve there who did eat a fruit that physically changed them, etc.
> The rib and the serpent may be symbolic, but I cannot think of much else that was.  
>The flood, the tower of Babel with its confounding of languages, the Jaredite barges 
>- all real events.
> It's just as John said: real events can be symbols themselves.  But they would have 
>no power as symbols if they were not real.
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