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> John,
> The difference is that we have many GAs who have told us that portions of
> the Bible ARE symbolic. That leaves the Bible's historicity at least
> partially in question. Meanwhile, they have all told us that the BoM is
> literal.  Signaturi don't want to believe that any scripture is
> historically based. We believe all of the BoM is, and much (if not most)
> of the Bible is.  Marc and I are consistent with what the GAs have taught
> on these books. We haven't stated definitively that Joshua never was at
> Jericho, but only that there are discrepancies with current science.

Furthermore, I would add that it doesn't matter. Brigham Young referred to "baby
stories" in the Bible, assuming that there is a more transcendent way of
understanding them than as mere history.

> This
> allows all to look at the evidence and make up their own mind with all
> the current facts.  I don't ask anyone to stop believing in the Global
> Flood or Jericho's walls. I only ask them to consider other ways of
> interpreting a book that we have been told has symbolism in some of its
> stories.
> K'aya K'ama,
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