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Stacy Smith wrote:

> I would like a listing of Steven E. Robinson's books so I might buy
> them.  This one sounds interesting.
> Stacy.
> At 09:45 PM 11/07/2002 +0000, you wrote:
> >This discussion by Stephen Robinson applies with equal validity to
> >questions about the historical accuracy of the Bible...
> >
> >Naturalistic explanations are often useful in evaluating empirical data,
> >but when the question asked involves non-empirical categories, such as
> >"Is the Book of Mormon what it purports to be?", it begs the question to
> >adopt a method whose first assumption is that the Book cannot be what it
> >claims to be. This points out a crucial logical difficulty in using this
> >method in either attacking or defending the Church. When those with a
> >naturalistic bias apply their "scholarship" to LDS literature and
> >history, we usually assume that it is to test the prophetic claims of
> >the Church. In fact there is never a test at all. There cannot be, for
> >the naturalistically based assumptions of the method have determined
> >before we even begin that divine claims cannot be accepted, and the
> >critical scholar will already be looking for naturalistic explanations
> >for his data. Or in the words of W. Wink:
> >
> >In this case the carrying over of methods from the natural sciences has
> >led to a situation where we no longer ask what we would like to know . .
> >. Rather, we attempt to deal only with those complexes of facts which
> >are amenable to historical method. We ask only those questions which the
> >method can answer (9).
> >
> >It seems to me that few LDS scholars really understand this. While they
> >think they are engaged in "pure" scholarship, many are really
> >methodological half-breeds, using the naturalistic method when it suits
> >them and drawing upon their theology when it suits them, without ever
> >stating where and how they draw the line. Opponents and proponents alike
> >can use the fruits of empirical research in a selective way to defend
> >the faith, but the authority of the historical-critical method is lost
> >in so doing, and the final product lacks any real force, being merely
> >opinion (mingled with scripture). Pure critical scholarship on the other
> >hand is agnostic by definition, and its rules are by design stacked
> >against theistic conclusions. It would be incredibly naive to believe
> >that biblical criticism brings us closer to the Christ of faith. After
> >200 years of refining its methods, biblical scholarship has despaired of
> >knowing the real Jesus, except for a few crumbs, and has declared the
> >Christ pictured in scripture to be a creation of the early Church (see
> >the excellent summary in Perrin 207-48).
> >
> >
> >The Expanded Book of Mormon, Stephen Robinson essay; in Monte S. Nyman
> >and Charles D. Tate, Jr., eds., Second Nephi: The Doctrinal Structure
> >[Provo: BYU Religious Studies Center, 1989], 395.)
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