I appreciate your correction of my misreading, and you are right.

There is no "old" Pakistani government. It's not a democracy, but has always been
controlled by the military, even when civilian leaders are in power. And I was
clear to point out that it was a Cold War event -- that's my point. Short-term
interests have unforeseen long-term consequences. What was sown during the Cold
War is being reaped today.

I think you meant to refer to southern Afghanistan, rather than southern
Pakistan? Southern Pakistan consists of partly of Baluchistan and of Sindh. Sindh
is hardly a hotbed of islamic fundamentalism, but the parts of Baluchistan which
border Afghanistan are. The worst problem is in the Northwest Frontier Province
and the so-called tribal areas, along the Afghan border.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Oh boy!  An exciting day to turn the tables!  I did not say "people of
> Pakistan."  Rather, I said "people in Pakistan," not thinking it necessary
> to offer a long and boring recital of what we all already know.
> When you say it was the Pakistani gov't with US money who put the Taliban in
> place, you imply something that isn't true.  It was the OLD Pakistani gov't,
> of which remnants remain in power, but most have been purged.  It was also a
> cold war era event.
> Things have changed.  The "people IN Pakistan" who put the Taliban in place
> come primarily from the south, where trouble still boils.  The cold war is
> over.  Power vacuums come and go, and so thugs will come and go.
> The fact is that it is difficult to watch everyplace in the world, so that
> errors can and do occur, and people with hidden agendas can get away (for a
> while) with their mischiefs.  It is easy to hide in the frozen north and
> pontificate on things which will not directly affect you, especially when
> (in your frozen north case) you depend upon the citizens of the US to defend
> you.  It is not so easy when you live next to one of the top targets in the
> world for a terrorist's attack.  (I had to get in at least ONE ad homonem
> attack, since people on this list are so fond of them, and at least one
> personal ownership issue.  And yet, both statements have a lot of truth in
> them ...  :-)
> And, if you haven't noticed, Manny is in jail.  And Clinton gave the Panama
> Canal to the Chinese.  So, some problems have been rectified, and others
> have not yet been rectified.
> Jon
> Marc A. Schindler wrote:
> My original point was to ask why the US was so obsessed with Iraq when
> Pakistan
> presents a greater danger. And there's more to it than saying they were put
> into
> power by the "people of Pakistan." It was the Pakistani government plus
> extremist
> clerics, using US taxpayer dollars, who put the Taliban into power.
> This is Manuel Noriega all over again.
> Jon Spencer wrote:
> > Who objected to Marc's obvious statement?  The Taliban was put in power by
> > people in Pakistan.
> >
> > This is a real "Duh!".  By the way, are you advocating that we attack
> > Pakistan first, and THEN Iraq?  I have a better idea.  First, we'll attack
> > Israel - that will completely fool the fake Islamists and we can sneak in
> a
> > sucker punch at both Pakistan and Iraq when they are still in shock.
> France
> > can come next.
> >
> > Jon
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