It's ironic, but these things go in fads. Beer, if it's made properly, is
actually a good source of calcium, and the reason it probably has a high level of
radiation in many brands is, as I think Olympia's and up here Kokanee's, slogan
puts it, "it's the water." You're right about cooling water, which never comes in
contact with any isotopes, but only with the outer surfaces of hot containment
areas, which are radiation-free -- they have to be for the sake of the workers,
who otherwise would get too much career-long exposure. There are several ways of
measuring radiation, and I won't get into the details here, but let's just say
that A x B = C, where C is your total load, and it's what you should be concerned
with. A is the amount of radiation at any given time, and B is the length of
time, cumulatively, that you get exposed to. And water from glaciers and
mountainous areas tend to have a higher level of radiation. Radium Hot Springs is
a resort town on the BC-AB border -- it used to be believed that a small amount
of radium was actually curative (er, no pun intended).

Some very common sources of radiation exposure that most people don't know about,
which are far more dangerous than living near a nuclear reactor (all things being
equal) are:

* #1 by far is airplane travel. Airplanes typically cruise at 10 000 metres,
where there is less atmosphere and therefore less protection against high-energy,
ionizing radiation from the sun and from the delta quadrant (joke; space in
general -- cosmic rays).
* Living in Salt Lake, Calgary or Denver, or any other high-altitude city. Same
as above, only not as bad, but you spend more time in your bed, playing with the
kids, wasting your life in chat rooms and eating at the table,  than on planes
and remember the B factor as per A x B = C.
* Going into your basement (that lets off the Californians ;-)) where your
chances of being exposed to radon is higher. Radon is, a radioactive gas which is
a naturally occurring element that comes from trace amounts of various isotopes
in the soil and the concrete around you.
* Smoking. Tobacco leaves often contain isotopes for some reason which I've long
forgotten. So if the tar and the nicotine don't get you, dayglo lungs will.
* Living anywhere near an iron, nickel, silver or gold mine or in either a
mountainous region or on pre-cambrian rock (as in the vast Laurentian Shield that
protects us here from Toronto's effusions, but which extends well into New York
state and Michigan and Minnesota and Wisconsin). More radioisotopes which occur
naturally. There are areas near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where
naturally occurring uranium deposits, which tend to occur near nickle/cobalt
deposits for geological reasons, where there's evidence of prehistoric fission
reactions having occurred.

I could go on, but those are the worst ones.  Oh, I suppose I should also mention
mother's milk. Because mammary glands are actually modified sweat glands, they
tend to produce milk in a way that's similar to how the body produces sweat. What
they have in common that's relevant here is that toxins tend to build up in both
sweat and mother's milk, so if you've ingested radioactive substances as a
mother, your milk will tend to concentrate them.

Have I gotten everyone in a real tizzy yet?

Our problem is we're not good at evaluating actual risk. We tend to put far more
risk on unknown factors, rather than those which are probably more dangerous, but
which are known quantities, and therefore familiar to us. The frightful mien

Jon Spencer wrote:

> If any level of radiation will kill us, then you need to move near a nuclear
> power plant and stay away from beer.  it seems that there is 13 times more
> radiation in beer than there is in the cooling water coming out of the Nuke
> power plant I can see from my house.
> So you see, the word of wisdom was clearly correct in warning us against
> beer but not against nuke power plants.
> Jon
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> > Jon Spencer wrote:
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> > Of course, with all the hysteria over nuclear power that the
> > envirowackos have stirred up, the emotional damage would be much
> > greater.
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> >
> > Creating terror is the real objective of terrorism, isn't it?  What does
> > it matter that dirty bombs are ineffective at inflicting casualties, if
> > it puts your enemy in a panic crises?  Everyone knows that any level of
> > radiation will kill us all instantly, or cause us to die of cancer
> > within a few months.  Even the people who live in the neighborhood of
> > the Three Mile Island reactor disaster are still trying to sue because
> > they all have cancer.  The recently completed study indicating that
> > there is no greater risk of cancer in that area means nothing.
> >
> > Spreading fear and panic was also the point of the anthrax attacks last
> > year.  Of course it is seldom recognized that anthrax is a common
> > organism in nature.  Many of us have fairly frequent contact with
> > anthrax vectors.  There are even occasional infections.  But nobody
> > seems to feel too scared about that.  Probably because, as with "dirty
> > bomb" contamination, the most effective prophylactic measure is
> > attention to regular bathing habits.
> >
> > I remember when the Denver airport was shut down last year because
> > someone discovered a white powder leaking from a package.  It turned out
> > to be vanilla pudding mix.
> >
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> > Mij Ebaboc
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