Jon Spencer wrote:
Of course, with all the hysteria over nuclear power that the 
envirowackos have stirred up, the emotional damage would be much 

Creating terror is the real objective of terrorism, isn't it?  What does 
it matter that dirty bombs are ineffective at inflicting casualties, if 
it puts your enemy in a panic crises?  Everyone knows that any level of 
radiation will kill us all instantly, or cause us to die of cancer 
within a few months.  Even the people who live in the neighborhood of 
the Three Mile Island reactor disaster are still trying to sue because 
they all have cancer.  The recently completed study indicating that 
there is no greater risk of cancer in that area means nothing.

Spreading fear and panic was also the point of the anthrax attacks last 
year.  Of course it is seldom recognized that anthrax is a common 
organism in nature.  Many of us have fairly frequent contact with 
anthrax vectors.  There are even occasional infections.  But nobody 
seems to feel too scared about that.  Probably because, as with "dirty 
bomb" contamination, the most effective prophylactic measure is 
attention to regular bathing habits.

I remember when the Denver airport was shut down last year because 
someone discovered a white powder leaking from a package.  It turned out 
to be vanilla pudding mix.

Mij Ebaboc

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