As per my other post, I may not have phrased this well, but note that I
capitalized "Ally" as in "Allies" or "Allied forces" as opposed to "Axis" forces.
It was the British, who scuttled the French fleet in N. Africa -- I'm pretty sure
it was in Algiers harbour -- so they wouldn't be used by Vichy France in
cooperation with the Nazis. The Free French had moved them there for protection,
but the British knew -- but wouldn't tell the French -- that the Germans had
their eye on North Africa. DeGaulle was supremely teed about this.

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 03:46 PM 11/9/2002, Marc wrote:
> >Trivia question: what major Ally's naval assets were destroyed by another
> >Ally,
> >and why?
> This was a harder one, but I think I remember it was the Germans who
> scuttled Italy's ships to prevent them from falling into Allied hands. Am I
> right?
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