We (aka the real world, the rest of the world, etc.) are not afraid that your
troops' military training isn't up to snuff*, we just hope your CiC knows that
it's "ready, aim, fire," not "ready, fire, aim." ;-)

*As I'm tempted to suggest to Jonah Greenberg, perhaps we really *do* need a good
invading up here. After all, you'd probably kill fewer of our troops if you were
actually trying.....

(plus the usual Canuckistani comeback, which is that given what y'all are [not]
taught about geography in school, we have no need to fear, because we know you'd
have to find us first...)

Paul Osborne wrote:

> >The primary objective is to kill people and
> >break things, with more success than the enemy.  Morality aside, this is
> >the reality of warfare.
> Amen. Kill the enemy!!
> That is what I learned when I served in the US Army for a brief period.
> Paul O
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