Except that the war wasn't being waged under the US Constitution, and as Gary has
pointed out, if the UN had pushed too hard or threatened to use nuclear weapons,
all of Red China would have been down our throats.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
> >We can attack individuals for the choices they made through hindsight, or
> >we can realize that such decisions are complicated. Chaos theory states
> >that a butterfly flapping its wings today in China can cause storms in
> >America in two weeks. Do we condemn Truman for limiting the Korean war,
> >yet then you condemn George W Bush for seeking to extend the war on
> >terrorism to Iraq?  Just where is the consistency?
> Truman asked MacArthur to lose a war.  Truman should have been hanged for
> high treason against the Constitution. --JWR
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