After much pondering, Marc A. Schindler favored us with:
Except that the war wasn't being waged under the US Constitution, and as Gary has
pointed out, if the UN had pushed too hard or threatened to use nuclear weapons,
all of Red China would have been down our throats.
Who cares? At the time, Red China didn't have any power. They couldn't have fought us without losing gazillions of people. They were fighting with clubs and pitchforks. We would have toppled Mao's regime, and the genocide of the Cultural Revolution would never have taken place. By some estimates, Mao was responsible for the deaths of up to 75 million of his own people as he systematically went about consolidating his power according to Marxist doctrine.

As for the war not being waged under the Constitution, whose fault was that? Truman's? And I thought you said that the USA runs the UN? I also thought you said that the UN can't do anything without US consent. If our membership in the UN mandates that we behave dishonorably and send our fighting men to their deaths while allowing the enemy sanctuary beyond the Yalu, the those Americans who got us into the UN ought to be hanged right along with Truman.

Some things are unforgivable. And the orders given MacArthur were treasonable. He was ordered to stand down while the enemy was still attacking him and killing his men. No wonder he took his appeal to the American people. He foolishly imagined that they would be too honorable to let such a travesty occur.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> After much pondering, Gary Smith favored us with:
> >We can attack individuals for the choices they made through hindsight, or
> >we can realize that such decisions are complicated. Chaos theory states
> >that a butterfly flapping its wings today in China can cause storms in
> >America in two weeks. Do we condemn Truman for limiting the Korean war,
> >yet then you condemn George W Bush for seeking to extend the war on
> >terrorism to Iraq?  Just where is the consistency?
> Truman asked MacArthur to lose a war.  Truman should have been hanged for
> high treason against the Constitution. --JWR
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