No, the burden of proof isn't on anyone. The burden was on Truman and his
DoD Chiefs of Staff. They had to look at it from their day. As far as
they could see, Stalin had begun implementing 5 year plans, had built the
bomb, had MIGs and tanks they were giving to the North Koreans, and was
intent on Lenin's world wide revolution.

Truman and his chiefs saw this as just one more step toward a
communist/socialist global encroachment. The intelligence we had in that
day suggested the Russians were equal to us in military capability and
nuclear armament (yes, even that soon after WWII). Remember, only a few
years more and Russia would succeed in sending the first satellites
(read: ICBM and spying) into space.  Yes, their people were starving, but
the military machine looked very strong from the USA's viewpoint.

China and Russia were close allies at that time, and had agreements to
defend one another. Only in the 1970s would they break, giving the USA
the opportunity to make treaties with China and change the balance of
power somewhat.

At this time, Mao hadn't killed/slaughtered millions of his own (at least
not to our knowledge). Mao had barely taken China in 1949, and his
millions of potential soldiers were on par with our military in 1950,
when our technology was not very advanced.

In reality, we could have quickly finished the Korean war when the North
Koreans first invaded. We had troops waiting for them NK army in one of
the few valleys they could go through to Seoul. When they approached, our
artillery fired, only to have the old WWI shells bounce harmlessly off
the NK vehicles. The NK successfully pushed us back to the Chosun
Reservoir (with Chinese help), before we were able to bring in more
capable and modern equipment.

As for us entering WWII earlier, we should have. Hitler invaded other
nations and was doing atrocities outside his own nation. Mao did his
slaughtering within his own country. Yes, it is a tragedy, but a nation
must handle its own problems. However, when one nation invades another
and then slaughters their people, it is up to the league of nations to
step in and stop the atrocities. 

As for defending a Democrat-- I grew up in a family of Democrats.
However, my family turned Republican with Reagan. My parents tended to
vote Democrat, but primarily for the person with character. They hated
LBJ, voted for Nixon, only to be disgusted with him, and passing around
petitions to impeach Ford for pardoning Nixon. My Mom was proud she voted
for Hubert H Humphrey.

Back then, there were some good Democrats (not all, of course) who truly
cared for the nation and its people. Today, I think the party has lost
its way, seeking more to stay in power than to help the people. I admire
Truman, even though I do not fully agree with all he did. He made some
tough decisions, rather than worrying about the popular choice, he made
what he thought was the right one.  It wasn't easy to drop the Bomb. It
wasn't easy for him to fire MacArthur. But he did what was needed. As the
sign on his desk said, "the buck stops here."

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The burden of proof is on those who claim that Russia would have entered 
the war and nuked the USA.  I don't believe either contention.  Mao went
to kill up to 75 million Chinese to consolidate his power over the new 
communist regime in China. 

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