After much pondering, Dan R Allen favored us with:
The negative impacts were the complete loss of an entire generation of
young men vs. a relative handful, significant economic hardship for the
people that remained home, and the very real probability that Russia might
drop a nuke on American soil.
I would like to challenge this notion that Russia would have gotten involved if we had gone to war with China as a result of the Korean War. I would also like to challenge the notion that Russia would have nuked us. The Korean War was in 1953, less than 8 years after the end of WWII. Russia was torn to pieces and in shambles because of its desperate war with Germany. It was in economic shambles because the USA and the west hadn't had enough time to prop them up with foreign aid as occurred later. It's nuclear industry was desperately trying to play catchup with the United States because they hadn't developed their own bomb but had to steal ours. And for every nuke they had, we had many. Not even Russia is stupid enough to open a nuclear conflict with a vastly better prepared opponent.

The burden of proof is on those who claim that Russia would have entered the war and nuked the USA. I don't believe either contention. Mao went on to kill up to 75 million Chinese to consolidate his power over the new communist regime in China. We could have prevented that if we had just let MacArthur "take it to the enemy." China would have capitulated so fast it would have made a head spin. Look how fast it caved in to Japan before we got into the war. In what way was China better suited to wage a war against the United States just a few years later?

Why is it that so many Americans feel we should have gotten into WWII earlier in order to prevent Hitler from killing 6 million domestic Jews, but they feel perfectly justified in letting China kill 75 million domestic Chinese. When China attacked us across the Yalu, we should have cleaned their clock. And when Truman ordered MacArthur to let them go, he should have resigned his commission. Truman's action in giving such an order to MacArthur was unspeakably immoral. And those who don't agree, just don't understand the situation.

Truman was a Democrat for Pete's sake. Why are you sticking up for him? Why are you trying to justify undeclared wars that are "police actions?" I just don't understand how you and Jon can have swallowed all this public school textbook propaganda.

Anyway, I'm starting to get angry about this thread, so I'm going to quit participating in it. No wonder this country is wallowing in the sewer when the best people I know support it criminal folly.

Laurie got offended that I used the word "puke." But to
me, that's what her dinner tasted like. --Jack Handy
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