You mean Congress isn't doing its duty if it isn't always declaring war on
someone? No wonder they want to invade Canuckistan now -- there are no other rogue
states left.

Gary Smith wrote:

> Actually, no. We had a treaty, signed by Congress, stating we would
> defend Korea from any invasions. Congress also ratified our working with
> the UN on fighting the war. So, it was done under the okay of our
> Constitution. You see, the Constitution doesn't say we have to declare
> war, it only says that it is Congress' duty to declare war.
> Would you say that the Nephites and Capt Moroni should then have trudged
> into Lamanite territory and totally obliterated the enemy? Or was their
> defensive war a villanous thing to do? This sounds totally opposite what
> you have been saying concerning the possible upcoming war with Iraq. We
> just see it differently. Different enemies require different treatments.
> Some can be persuaded with diplomacy, some with a little muscle and
> containment, while others require full out offensive.
> If it were just us against the North Koreans, I can see your point. But
> as Jesus told us that the wise man counts his pennies before building the
> house, we had to determine just what level of interdiction we were
> willing to make in Korea. Given that the Soviets would have jumped in on
> the war if we were to have invaded China, we were looking at nuclear
> holocaust. Truman wasn't willing to go that far, and I thank him for it.
> K'aya K'ama,
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> Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
> JWR:
> Unless the order is illegal.  And Truman's orders were clearly illegal by
> any constitutional standards.  The whole war was unconstitutional.
> ....
> And that is the whole problem.  Nations have no business going to war
> with
> a "limited plan."  Do you think that either the North Koreans or China
> had
> a "limited plan?"  Talking about a "limited plan" is talking about
> pulling
> your punches.  And in any fight, pulling your punches is  the road to
> defeat such as we suffered in Vietnam.
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