I have heard that tannic acid is used in the making of coffee and tea and
that can be more harmful than caffeine.  It's kind of reminiscent of the
WhiteLies anti-smoking  campaign telling us what is REALLY in a
cigarette--it ain't just tobacco.  Yet I can remember not so many years
ago when it was "cool" to smoke "Kools" etc.  My how things change in a
couple of decades.

On the subject of caffeine, as for me and (sometimes) mine--I have heard
President Hinckley, twice, say on national television that we do not
drink soda with caffeine, and that is good enough for me (is this a
liberal stance ;-p).  My two inactive sons do their own thing with that,
but when I drive to the temple in Chicago, and afterward go to Jewel to
stock up on caffeine free Dr. Pepper, they are ecstatic.  I have not yet
been able to get local bottlers to get the caffeine free DP here.  

your sis in Mishawaka

On Sat, 16 Nov 2002 10:11:19 -0800 Stacy Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> What else does coffee have in it besides caffeine?  Are there other 
> active 
> ingredients?
> Stacy.

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