Jon Spencer wrote:

> Not correct (so much nicer than saying "Wrong!" :-).  There was a letter
> sent out some time ago clarifying that caffeine is not prohibited by the
> WoW.  And I believe that the point of President Hinckley not contradicting
> Wallace on the caffeine question was to not get sidetracked.  I presume he
> felt it wasn't important.

Much better put. This was my impression when watching the show. He was merely
acknowledging the question in order not to disturb the flow of the conversation.

> There are lots of silly apostateisms that creep into our religion.  One is
> you can't drink any caffeinated beverages.  Another is that you have to pass
> the Sacrament tray with your right hand.  Some claim that you can't do
> anything that might be considered physical exercise on Sunday (like taking a
> walk with your family).  And there are many, many more.
> Perfect the Saints.  Proclaim the Gospel.  Redeem the Dead.  If you're
> addicted to caffeine, don't drink it, and don't eat chocolate.  Leave the
> nitpicking to someone else.  (And just to be clear, I am not speaking to
> Marc on this.  I'm just pontificating. :-)
> Jon

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