Not correct (so much nicer than saying "Wrong!" :-).  There was a letter
sent out some time ago clarifying that caffeine is not prohibited by the
WoW.  And I believe that the point of President Hinckley not contradicting
Wallace on the caffeine question was to not get sidetracked.  I presume he
felt it wasn't important.

There are lots of silly apostateisms that creep into our religion.  One is
you can't drink any caffeinated beverages.  Another is that you have to pass
the Sacrament tray with your right hand.  Some claim that you can't do
anything that might be considered physical exercise on Sunday (like taking a
walk with your family).  And there are many, many more.

Perfect the Saints.  Proclaim the Gospel.  Redeem the Dead.  If you're
addicted to caffeine, don't drink it, and don't eat chocolate.  Leave the
nitpicking to someone else.  (And just to be clear, I am not speaking to
Marc on this.  I'm just pontificating. :-)


Marc A. Schindler wrote:
Valerie Nielsen Williams wrote:

> I have heard that tannic acid is used in the making of coffee and tea and
> that can be more harmful than caffeine.  It's kind of reminiscent of the
> WhiteLies anti-smoking  campaign telling us what is REALLY in a
> cigarette--it ain't just tobacco.  Yet I can remember not so many years
> ago when it was "cool" to smoke "Kools" etc.  My how things change in a
> couple of decades.
> On the subject of caffeine, as for me and (sometimes) mine--I have heard
> President Hinckley, twice, say on national television that we do not
> drink soda with caffeine,

Actually, if you listen to his response carefully (I believe this was the
interview with 60 Minutes) his answer isn't clear. It seemed to me to be
more of
an acknowledgement of the question than anything else. The fact is, if you
caffeinated soft drinks, it's a health issue, but it's not a temple
issue, and therefore, one presumes, not a WoW issue. I know several senior
LDS who drink Diet Coke or Pepsi.

That's not to say your position is wrong, either -- just that there is no
position on the issue.

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