Valerie Nielsen Williams wrote:

> I have heard that tannic acid is used in the making of coffee and tea and
> that can be more harmful than caffeine.  It's kind of reminiscent of the
> WhiteLies anti-smoking  campaign telling us what is REALLY in a
> cigarette--it ain't just tobacco.  Yet I can remember not so many years
> ago when it was "cool" to smoke "Kools" etc.  My how things change in a
> couple of decades.
> On the subject of caffeine, as for me and (sometimes) mine--I have heard
> President Hinckley, twice, say on national television that we do not
> drink soda with caffeine,

Actually, if you listen to his response carefully (I believe this was the
interview with 60 Minutes) his answer isn't clear. It seemed to me to be more of
an acknowledgement of the question than anything else. The fact is, if you drink
caffeinated soft drinks, it's a health issue, but it's not a temple recommend
issue, and therefore, one presumes, not a WoW issue. I know several senior local
LDS who drink Diet Coke or Pepsi.

That's not to say your position is wrong, either -- just that there is no LDS
position on the issue.

> and that is good enough for me (is this a
> liberal stance ;-p).  My two inactive sons do their own thing with that,
> but when I drive to the temple in Chicago, and afterward go to Jewel to
> stock up on caffeine free Dr. Pepper, they are ecstatic.  I have not yet
> been able to get local bottlers to get the caffeine free DP here.
> your sis in Mishawaka
> val

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