> My wife and I saw it today. What a great film. I haven't read
> the books, but now will have to do it. Definitely a great
> series. This film was better than the first, and the first
> was really good. I like how so many characters were developed
> in such a short time, and the power behind the plot. Also, the
> humor was much better in this one than the last.

Funny coincidence. We just took the kids to it today, too. I agree that 
it was better done than the first, though I personally am quite happy 
that Chris Columbus is out of the picture (so to speak) from now on. A 
director can't help but leave his fingerprints all over his opus, and 
"Stonehands" Columbus leaves mighty big prints. Michelle disagrees, but 
in this, I'm right.

You should realize that not everyone is taken by the books. Our own Mark 
is less than fond of them, for example. But I think they're fun. The 
fact that a successful and entertaining film adaptation can be made by 
Chris Columbus should be evidence enough of solid concept and good 
screenplay translation of a fundamentally sound novel. :)

> Question: my wife heard a rumor that the actor who played the
> big gentle giant guy that Harry hooks onto (the one who wanted
> a dragon in the first movie) has recently died in an accident.
> Anyone know if this is true? I hope not, as his character
> truly helps round out the movies.

Not as far as I know. Richard Harris, the actor who played Dumbledore, 
died a few weeks ago. (By the way -- and I don't think this qualifies as 
any sort of spoiler -- they should have made Hagrid about twice as big. 
Ah, well.)


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