Richard Harris is a wonderful actor. I remember him in "A Man Called
Horse", written by an acquaintance of mine who lived in Missoula MT, and
lectured to my high school literature class on her books. He was a great
Dumbledore, but I think he would be easier to replace than the guy who
plays Hagrid.

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> Question: my wife heard a rumor that the actor who played the
> big gentle giant guy that Harry hooks onto (the one who wanted
> a dragon in the first movie) has recently died in an accident.
> Anyone know if this is true? I hope not, as his character
> truly helps round out the movies.
Not as far as I know. Richard Harris, the actor who played Dumbledore, 
died a few weeks ago. (By the way -- and I don't think this qualifies as 
any sort of spoiler -- they should have made Hagrid about twice as big. 
Ah, well.)

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