We saw it on Friday evening...pre-bought the tickets and was able to get
them for all four of us at the matinee price for the 6:10pm show.  LOVED
the movie;  that was the fastest three hour movie I've ever seen and then
I've seen some 80 minute movies that seemed would never end!  I really
enjoyed the books, too.  The Weasley home looked in the movie almost as I
had imagined it, as did the basilisk. I think the movie has been well-cast,
though I can't think of who they're going to get to replace Richard Harris
as Dumbledore.  Speculation, anyone?  (now, there's a new thread...)

Heidi the fair

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> From: Gary Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 > Date: 11/16/2002 10:37:06 PM
> Subject: [ZION] Hogwarts and all
> My wife and I saw it today. What a great film. I haven't read the books,
> but now will have to do it. Definitely a great series. This film was
> better than the first, and the first was really good. I like how so many
> characters were developed in such a short time, and the power behind the
> plot. Also, the humor was much better in this one than the last.
> Question: my wife heard a rumor that the actor who played the big gentle
> giant guy that Harry hooks onto (the one who wanted a dragon in the first
> movie) has recently died in an accident. Anyone know if this is true? I
> hope not, as his character truly helps round out the movies.
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