Well, for some odd reason I took the skin right off my chicken tonight and just threw it on my plate, leaving the meat underneath to eat.


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I'm in the process of trying to rewire my brain, which has difficulty processing
spatial information ("balance", in simple words; I can't always tell up from down,
and don't know when I'm falling in the dark until my head hits something). I
bought a nice, slim, beechwood cane, which I call my "brown cane" as a take-off on
a the term "white cane." The hope is that additional tactile input will compensate
for the lack of information from the inner ear (the organs of balance).

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 16:05 11/22/2002 -0600, Gaaarrrryyy wrote:
> > We
> >can rewire our brains (literally) to take new approaches from the old
> >habits, such as changing our eating and exercise habits, as well as our
> >attitudes in life. These can all make dramatic differences.
> My SIL teaches Neuro-Linguistic-Programming techniques. It is quite
> effective. The basic concept is to just remodel the habitual pathways in
> the neural system. When we repeat an action (be it physical or mental), we
> create pathways that then have a lower resistance, causing that same
> pattern to be repeated. The object of the NLP is to recreate those
> pathways the way we want them. ** I don't buy into it as heavily as she
> obviously does, but I have seen some pretty remarkable changes in some
> people's lives after spending time working with the technique. She views
> it almost as a pseudo-religion, which, of course, is a point of
> (unexpressed, it's best to stay on good terms with family members)
> disagreement. But as a therapeutic technique it is quite effective.
> Till the cross-wired ****
> ** Silly example time. I'm terribly acrophobic and have a difficult time
> crossing large-span high suspension bridges. I break out in a cold
> sweat. I've been re-programmed in a somewhat silly (works for me 8>))
> way. When I start on to one of those bridges, the Ride of the Valkyries
> comes bursting out of nowhere, full voice, and I cross it in fine style. I
> always have to laugh afterwards about how silly it seems, but it works.
> **** Telemarketers used to call at suppertime for so many years (before I
> got on to the NY state no-call list) that I've also been programmed to
> salivate when the phone rings
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