This of course begs the question whether ANYONE should be telling others how
to run their lives.  And I do not think that this is a simple question.

Prophets throughout time have told people how to run their lives.  Was this
wrong?  personally, I do not think so, and in fact I am grateful that they

There is a difference, though, between telling someone how to live and
forcing someone to live that way.  So again, this begs the question whether
ANYONE should be forcing people to live a certain way, and again, this is
not a simple question.

Some political philosophies believe that so long as one's actions do not
infringe upon another person's property (life and non-procreative
derivatives thereof), then they should not be compelled or restricted in any
way.  Of course, my definition of property would make the "a" word improper,
but this particular political group feels differently.  Other political
philosophies believe you should be compelled in almost everything because
these leaders apparently know better than you or I do what is best.

God created governments to achieve some kind of balance, which presumably
allows the greatest personal agency that at the same time allows the society
to function and prosper, and to live in relative safety and peace.  I would
think that it is our responsibility to try to create and maintain that type
of government.

And as for anyone telling us how to live our lives so long as they do not
force us to live that way, I say, go for it!


Paul Osborne wrote:
> >Actually, all I was trying to ask in a general way was:  Should
> >Fundamentalist Baptists be telling anyone how to run their lives?
> No.

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