Actually, the Baptists in our area (Raleigh) have a hard time bashing the
Church, mainly because of decades of selfless service by so many members in
this area.  The temple was well accepted in this area, and won the Apex
award for the most beautiful property (or something like that) last year.
Our bookstore was also well accepted.  Yes, there were a few wackos out
there.  One day while I was at the temple site during its construction, we
looked out of the construction trailer to see some wackos in a circle
praying about something or another.  When we approached them (just two of us
with friendly smiles) they disappeared.

A similar thing has happened at the middle school our ward meets at.  We
have grown so much in the area that we ran out of room.  They are building a
new stake centre-sized building, but it will not be ready until next
October.  We are, in fact, meeting in the most expensive LDS meeting house
in the world.  We have to pay the Wake County Public School System
$10/person each Sunday.  Since we always have between 250 - 300 people, we
pay more than $10K/month!  Well, anyway, on a couple of Sundays some folks
have come to the school, dressed in other than normal goin'-to-meetin'
attire.  They were not very friendly when I greeted them.  A little later,
during the Sacrament meeting, we spied them holding a similar prayer circle
outside the school.

Apparently, it hasn't worked!  We are about to form yet another ward (who
will be without a home, but will probably travel to a meeting house closer
to that part of our ward that does have a single time slot available).

a couple of years back, we had 12 wards in our stake.  The Stake
presidencies goal was 12 stakes by 2020.  We may make it!


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> Wow! Your Baptists only have one anti-Mormon meeting a year? I think here
> they range more like six or seven. And not just the Baptists, though they
> are the worst most of the time.
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