The website is currently correct.  The Stake presidency submitted two
proposals.  The first was to split the stake, but that was denied because we
a still a little short of the required number of members.  However, they had
already authorized the building of a stake center next to the temple, which
we are eagerly awaiting.  The building is coming along nicely, and the
steeple was put on a few weeks ago..  It is getting a little old setting up
for ~300 people each week, and dragging stuff back and forth.  I usually
bring the hymnals, but due to people being gone this weekend, I also have
the Sacrament trays and the nursery items.  It's a good thing that I
followed D&C 141 and have a paid for white van!

We are using a room in the lower level of our bookstore for BYC, BYD,
presidency meetings of all types, troop committee meetings, RS meetings,
etc.  Some other wards are using it as well, as well as groups that come to
the temple.  This will go on until either (a) we use it for another purpose
(one I can't disclose), or (b) October 2003 comes around, which is when it
should be completed.

The second proposal will most likely be implemented, which is to form a new
ward out of parts of the Apex, Holly Springs, Garner and Cary 2nd wards,
name rumored to be lots of things!  That should have in Jan or Feb


Marc A. Schindler wrote:

What stake are you in, Jon? If you look at your stake map on (and drill down to the appropriate level; the
Atlas is
on the left hand side of the main page), you can see the wards (black
squares) and
branches (yellow squares) I have as per the date indicated on the map. If
are updates, could you let me know, and I'll update the map. Thanks.

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