What stake are you in, Jon? If you look at your stake map on
www.gatheringofisrael.com (and drill down to the appropriate level; the Atlas is
on the left hand side of the main page), you can see the wards (black squares) and
branches (yellow squares) I have as per the date indicated on the map. If there
are updates, could you let me know, and I'll update the map. Thanks.

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Actually, the Baptists in our area (Raleigh) have a hard time bashing the
> Church, mainly because of decades of selfless service by so many members in
> this area.  The temple was well accepted in this area, and won the Apex
> award for the most beautiful property (or something like that) last year.
> Our bookstore was also well accepted.  Yes, there were a few wackos out
> there.  One day while I was at the temple site during its construction, we
> looked out of the construction trailer to see some wackos in a circle
> praying about something or another.  When we approached them (just two of us
> with friendly smiles) they disappeared.
> A similar thing has happened at the middle school our ward meets at.  We
> have grown so much in the area that we ran out of room.  They are building a
> new stake centre-sized building, but it will not be ready until next
> October.  We are, in fact, meeting in the most expensive LDS meeting house
> in the world.  We have to pay the Wake County Public School System
> $10/person each Sunday.  Since we always have between 250 - 300 people, we
> pay more than $10K/month!  Well, anyway, on a couple of Sundays some folks
> have come to the school, dressed in other than normal goin'-to-meetin'
> attire.  They were not very friendly when I greeted them.  A little later,
> during the Sacrament meeting, we spied them holding a similar prayer circle
> outside the school.
> Apparently, it hasn't worked!  We are about to form yet another ward (who
> will be without a home, but will probably travel to a meeting house closer
> to that part of our ward that does have a single time slot available).
> a couple of years back, we had 12 wards in our stake.  The Stake
> presidencies goal was 12 stakes by 2020.  We may make it!
> Jon
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> > > about every corner.  YOU tell them to convert to Christ's church.  You
> > > can
> > > do it during their annual anti-Mormon Sunday meeting.
> >
> > Wow! Your Baptists only have one anti-Mormon meeting a year? I think here
> > they range more like six or seven. And not just the Baptists, though they
> > are the worst most of the time.
> >
> > Scott
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