WOW!!!  that sounded like sooo much fun and I think it was wonderful to
spend that kind of fun with your girls and parents. You know Scott you`re a
walking testimony to me of how staying close to our Father in Heaven during
hard times will bring wonderful blessings.
Thanks for sharing with us

> John shared with us his recent trip to Utah and back. I thought I might
> share a few highlights from my own recent trip.
> My parents have three different time share condo's, and are enjoying
> spending my inheritance (with my complete approval!). They had booked a
> condo in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. They invited my two youngest
> daughters (10 and 12) along. Since the two girls live in Michigan with
> their mother, I don't get to see them very much, so they decided to
> invite me along too. My wife couldn't come but encouraged me to go.
> Anyway, thanks to my parents and their condo, and my employer and free
> flight benefits, I was the lucky recipient of a week's free vacation in
> Hawaii with my two girls and my parents!
> I had never been to Hawaii before, and figured it would be nice, but
> didn't really know what to expect. It was incredibly beautiful there. The
> weather was warm and nice. It was really fantastic.
> We actually had six nights there, didn't have time to do a lot of things
> that I would have liked to. Some others, we would have liked to do, but
> couldn't afford (like the submarine ride, the helicopter tour, or flying
> over to see Perl Harbour). We did have a lot of fun though.
> I rented snorkle equipment for my daughters and I and they practically
> lived in the pool when we were at the condo. This worked out well as my
> parents and I didn't want to be going all the time and enjoyed a bit of
> down time in the condo each day. In fact, the biggest problem we had was
> getting the girls out of the pool so we could get going to do other
> things!
> We went on a sunset cruise on a sail boat. It was beautiful. You can see
> some of the pictures if you want at
> but I haven't gotten the index
> web page up yet so you might want to wait a day or two. I got some really
> nice pictures of the sunset and such.
> We also went to a Luau. It was really enjoyable, and I took quite a few
> pictures of the performers, but it did seem a bit more like a stage show
> then I expected. I guess I expected something more like a big fire pit
> with log benches around it and dancers on the beach, rather than banquet
> tables in front of a stage and food served from catering tables.
> The next day, we went on a snorkling cruise. We first went to the island
> of Molokini. Molokini is an ancient volcanic crater (it is classed as a
> steam vent) with just half a rim above the water. The water there is so
> clear that they say you could see the bottom even in 150 feet of water.
> The fish and reef were fantastic. The girls and I had a great time
> swimming and gawking at all kinds of fish. I had purchased an underwater
> disposible camera and am looking forward to getting the prints from it
> developed.
> After what seemed too short of a time there, we went to another island
> called Lanai'i (I hope that is spelled correctly) and did some more
> snorkling. It wasn't as nice as Molokini, but if it had been first, I
> would have been amazed. After the snorkling, we went out of the harbor
> and saw a HUGE pod of dolphins. At one point, I must have been able to
> see somewhere around a hundred of them around the boat (with, they say,
> two to three times as many not at the surface). It was so great! I also
> saw some flying fish, but didn't get any good pics of them.
> Those are the high points of my visit. It was great to spend time with my
> two girls and my parents. I missed my wife incredibly though.
> Anyway, for any of you considering a trip to Hawaii, I highly recommend
> it. I can give you some ideas for Maui if you are headed that way too.
> (Just let me know, I'll be glad to go on and on about it if you want!)
> It is good to be back home. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving with my
> wife and all but one of my children. It is good to get back to the list
> here too.
> Scott
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