Paul -
I've got a great idea!  The Democrats are scrounging around for an issue
that they could win with.  How about suggesting that you would vote for Gore
if he promised an entitlement for everyone to get a free trip to Hawaii is
your income is less the $200K, to be paid for by all those who make more
than $200K.

I'll bet it would fly (and he might even win!).  Then you wouldn't have to
whine any more.  Well, OK, you can still whine, but not about this.


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> Scott
> >Anyway, for any of you considering a trip to Hawaii, I highly recommend
> >it. I can give you some ideas for Maui if you are headed that way too.
> >(Just let me know, I'll be glad to go on and on about it if you want!)
> Totally cool and you're a lucky guy! I'm sure if I got to do all that fun
> stuff all my problems would just go away. ;-)
> It's not fair that you got to go and I can't!  ;-)
> <pouting>
> Paul O
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